Jamés Fuzzy Pie

This effect is aimed at bassists.

Do you want an excellent fuzz? Look no further. This pedal is based on a certain legendary green fuzz pedal which has links to Russia and is often credited for making Cliff Burton's bass scream, although the dates of when it was available and when he played do not seem to match...but never mind that! The pedal is great and it does get very close to that Burton sound!

We have added a switchable blend function so you can put some of your clean signal back in, a switchable buffer, and, of course, changed the components for higher quality items.

The pedal is still in prototype stages - soundclips and photos will come later. This pedal is very nearly done and the initial run will be coming out around April 2011. The prototype is going to be put to work with no delay with Metal Liquor, Örebro's premier metal covers band!