About us

We are Jamés Pedals (pronounced "Yar-mez" - it's a running joke which you wouldn't find funny). We use "us" somewhat liberally. This is a one-man operation.

I am James Bennett. I make all the pedals. I pay someone else to paint the enclosures and, sometimes, to drill them while they are at it. The designs here are either vintage reproductions or my own adaptations and creations. For information about the individual pedals, please look at the pedals' pages.

Like I said, this is a one-man operation. During the day, I work as an English teacher in a secondary school in Örebro. Bulding pedals is mostly a hobby. Any profit is reinvested into the company...not that there usually is much profit!

The company is registered in Sweden, company number 7801119632. Our Moms number (VAT number) is SE780111963201. Our registered address is Baggetorp Sofielund, 716 94 Mullhyttan, Sweden. We DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES accept personal callers without prior agreement. To avoid spambots, our email address is not published as text on this website, but you can see it written in a picture:

The company started in 2005, supplying guitar parts, pedals and English teaching. Over the next few years, we streamlined and were only offering pedals by mid-2009. In 2011, we expanded to offer guitar reparations and modifications which is mostly handled via our Facebook page and is mainly aimed at local musicians who need some work on their instruments. In early 2012, we moved to much larger and permanent premises in the countryside west of Örebro, ending a troublesome three-year period of frequent relocation. Onward and upward!