Ordering could not be easier! Each page has a link to Paypal, who take care of our shopping basket etc. This means that your credit card details are always safe and secure.

It does have its limitations, though. We are unable to show stock levels on these pages. If a pedal is out of stock, we will write this on the page and remove the purchase option - this means that our customers will not be able to buy something which we do not have. However, if, for example, we have one pedal left and someone else buys it and you buy it afterwards before we have a chance to update the website, we will refund your purchase as soon as possible. We shall then make sure that you are told when the pedals are next in stock so you can buy one when they are next available. We may, at times, offer a pre-order option - this means you can buy a pedal before it is made to ensure that you are among the first to get your hands on the pedal.


Some people like to take chances. But here, we offer a no-burn guarantee. This means that you:

a) ...can return your pedal in 30 days for a refund. This refund is payable upon receipt of your pedal and does not cover return postage - only the price of the pedal and our postage to you, ie the full price you paid when you bought it. The pedal will need to be in the same condition it was when it was sent to you. All returns must be authorised first - contact us before you send us anything. We are very reasonable! However, it must be said that we prefer not to have things sent back to us. Please make sure you want the pedal before you order it!

b) ...can send your pedal back if it breaks during the first three years. This means that if the pedal stops working, we will take it back for repairs. Simply send it back in to us (at your cost) and we will fix it and post it back out to you (at our cost). We will try and talk you through a simple checklist to see what the problem is first. The pedal will need to be whole - we will not try and fix a pedal which has been altered or tampered with. If you have broken it, we will take it back in and repair it for you...but in our own time and you will need to pay for return postage. Like we said above, we are very reasonable!

c) ...can expect us to follow any Swedish or European Union laws regarding this kind of stuff. If the law changes and your rights change, we will honour the law. Of course!

Which leads to d) ...can sleep safely at night knowing that you are dealing with an honest company who are not trying to screw you over in any way at all!