Welcome to great tone!

Well done in finding our little corner of the internet. We have moved here from www.gitarrgrejer.com to simplify matters. Along with simplifying websites, we have made some new pedals...a far from simple task! Take a look at the Treble Booster Mk III - the same pedal as the Mk II, but with tone controls which can be switched out of the signal path, so if you prefer the Mk II, you can have both!

Also, it brings us great joy to announce a line of bass pedals. As a bass player, James is keen to get some of these out. These two (for now) - the Fuzzy Pie and the Blender - have places reserved on his own pedalboard as he rocks out with Metal Liquor, Örebro's premier metal covers band. Keep an eye out for more - we like bass pedals and have "the distortion to end all distortions" in the works.

Once again - welcome to the site! Please have a look at the links on the left and check out our pedals. We are convinced that you will like them - so convinced that we offer a 30-day return policy*, as well as such joys as a three year guarantee*, personal service and the knowledge that you are helping keep good music alive! [*Details about our excellent guarantees can be found on our ordering page]